Luiza Guilherme 20th Lancefield International Symposium on Streptococci and Streptococcal Diseases 2017

Luiza Guilherme

Graduated at Pharmacy and Biochemistry; MSc and PhD on Immunology and Immunogenetics and Prof of Immunology. Fellowship: France - Prof Jean Yves Miller and Prof Jean Dausset, 1980-1983. Japan - Prof K.Tsuji, 1987. Previous work on histocompatibility for kidney, heart and bone marrow transplantations. Last 20 years working on autoimmune mechanisms leading to Rheumatic fever/Rheumatic Heart Disease and vaccine development against S. pyogenes. Director of Lab of Histocompatibility and Cellular Immunology of School of Medicine at University of Sao Paulo (USP). Principal Investigator (PI) of 05 research projects. Several scientific articles on rheumatic fever/rheumatic heart disease and international patents on “Vaccine against group A beta hemolytic streptococcus, and process of obtaining”.

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